О курорте

Выдающиеся люди


Many prominent personalities have visited these places on a regular basis since the mid-19th century:

Alexander von Humboldt, who studied the Samland coast and visited Rauschen with King Frederick William IV in 1840; Ernst Wichert, creator of historical novels; Ferdinand Gregorovius, author of The History of Rome; Passargue, explorer and glorifier of his native land; Otto Nicolai, composer, author of the famous comic opera "The Wicked Women of Windsor" based on the comedy by W. Shakespeare. The artist Helena Neumann lived in Rauschen, the author of beautiful paintings with views of Rauschen and the surrounding landscapes. The house of the Neumann family has survived to this day; it is located on the territory of the Yuri Smirnov children's health camp.

Käthe Kollwitz, famous German artist of the early 20th century. There is still a house in Svetlogorsk that once belonged to the family of Julius Rupp and Karl Schmidt (grandfather and father of Käthe Kollwitz), which is known as Villa Ruppa (1 Nekrasov Street). It currently has a memorial plaque dedicated to Käthe Kollwitz.

The sculptor Hermann Brachert lived and worked here, whose works decorate our town to this day and belong to historical sites. His memorial House Museum is located in the village of Otradnoye (formerly Georgenswalde).

German writers Thomas Mann and Günter Grass, two Nobel laureates of the past and the present, visited Rauschen (Svetlogorsk). In the summer of 1929, the Goethe Union invited Thomas Mann to participate in public literary readings. He settled near the Kurhaus on the Promenade. In September of the same year, Thomas Mann received the Nobel Prize for the novel "Buddenbrooks".
June 6, 2003, on the birthday of Thomas Mann, a memorial sign to the writer was unveiled in Svetlogorsk. Another Nobel laureate, writer Gunther Grass, attended the opening of the memorial.

The writer, poet and artist Yuri Nikolaevich Kuranov lived and worked in Svetlogorsk for 20 years. There is a memorial plaque on the wall of the house where he lived.