О курорте

Climate and nature

Svetlogorsk is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea in the Kaliningrad region. For two centuries, the resort has been known for its life-giving mineral springs, healing peat mud, gentle sea with beautiful golden beaches, clean sea air mixed with the aroma of pine trees. As for any resort town, the sea, which gently waves the coast, is the main attraction of Svetlogorsk.
Walking along a sandy multi-kilometer beach, you can go so far that there will no longer be any signs of civilization, and you will be left with the pristine nature alone. Svetlogorsk stands on high coastal hills, so the descent to the sea is quite steep here, but well equipped. The whole town is simply buried in greenery, so a walk through it may seem like a walk through the botanical garden, where you can find both heat-loving southern plants and more northern conifers. All residential buildings and architectural structures are in good condition, they are constantly being restored. On the south side, a beautiful freshwater lake adjoins the town.

   The variety of vegetation is amazing: representatives of the subtropical flora such as magnolias and lilac-pink and white rhododendrons bloom among conifers and deciduous trees. The local mild climate does not tire with heat; it is a transitional climate from maritime to continental, which is characterized by small amplitudes of temperature and atmospheric pressure fluctuations.

 The unusually clean sea air is saturated with iodine and minerals and is very useful for people, especially those suffering from diseases of the thyroid gland and respiratory system. Winter is mild; the average January temperature is -4°С. Summers are moderately warm; the average July temperature is + 20°С. Annual precipitation is about 800 mm. There are about 2000 hours of sunshine per year. The beach season lasts from mid-June to the end of August. In winter, the sea is not covered with ice. For the treatment of diseases, the autumn and spring periods are most favorable, when the air is highly saturated with iodine.